Establishing a visiual identity that you and your clients will love!

your story

We create an identity that tells your story

In this day and age it takes a fraction of a second for someone to develop a first impression, let's make that a good one. Sparc does market research to establish an identity that your audience will love.

the core

Let's find the heart of your brand

Before we can deliver a powerful message, we need to find what matters most to your brand.

  • Purpose

  • Vision

  • Mission Statement

  • Values


Now we can craft your messaging

Your messaging is how you will be communicating with your clients/customers, let's break it down. Sparc will help your brand find it's voice, identify it's value proposition, develop a tagline, and more! All of these are key to building your brand and communicating with your audience.

visual identity

Design your visual identity

This includes your logo, typography, colors, imagery, illustrations, and more. In order to build an incredible brand you need to have a cohesive look. This helps people more easily recognize your work, services, or products because they will all share similar design elements.


Developing your brand guidlines

Your brand guidlines serve as a playbook for you and your team. They help you maintain quality and consistency in all of the content and messaging that you create. The guidelines consist of everything we discussed above, this is just how we bring it all together.